Anny — My official Girlfriend !!

Anny — My official Girlfriend !!

How many of us see things correctly ? All of us, Right ! Wrong. We just look at.

How many of us can describe the detail of the face expression of an ant, the most disciplined and hardworking creature ? Do they have expressions — yes they do like all other animals.

Many people can produce a good piece of art in any form i.e, painting, sketching, cartooning, comics, graphic novels, animation etc. But it will not hit the inner mind of the observer or readers if it is not well observed by the creator of that art. Remember how Walt Disney observed a mouse and created the legendary ‘Mickey Mouse’?

Let me introduce my recent official girlfriend ‘ANNY’ – the ant. She comes everyday on my drawing board. She plays around my drawing stuffs — I treat her always a sugar grain (Which she takes back to her home).

See how she thanks me for that :)) !!

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ANNY - My Inspiration- my girlfriend !!

~ by Kushal on August 1, 2014.

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