Dear Friends,
My submission for the Cartoon Competition `Breaking the taboo on sanitation` has been pre-selected from all of the entries around the globe to be exhibited during the GIZ –‘Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit’ (In association with Bill Gates Foundation) celebration of World Water Day on March 22nd in Delhi. During the evening, the guests will vote on their favorites, and five of the 20 pre-selected cartoons will be awarded prizes during this evening based on this voting.
So I’m flying to Delhi.. not for th prize, but to rub shoulder with the Tycoons .. to enhance the importance of Cartoon, Comics & Graphic Novel in ‘already started’ ‘Creative age’ in India and off course in our Bengal !! After all that’s what I’m back in Begal after so many years. Let’s not make our children merely Engineers, Docs, MBAs — Let’s make them creative overall. After information age, Creative Age has already been started.
Friends, please support and inspire me to put the strong message on behalf of Creativity & Cartoon fraternity !! Let’s play it “Childish” !!Invitation Card (1)

~ by Kushal on March 19, 2014.

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  1. Congratulations!
    Agree with you. ..its time we go creative!

    All the best!

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